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TNB has over 26,000 active business subscribers to its newsletter mailing list worldwide and is read by some of the major decision makers and business leaders with interest in Nigerian business or economy.

Hits to the website are over 38,000 per week and visitors spend an average of 7.8 minutes per visit. This provides a high level of opportunity to view advertising banners.

Why advertise with TNB?

There are several reasons to advertise with TNB some of which are covered below:

Effective way to call for action: The newsletter and website offer very effective way to deliver “call for action” by instructing or directing readers to engage the advertiser’s message in a specific and required manner. An example might be asking readers to ‘register now a discounted offer’.

Brand Awareness, Sales Uplift & Target Audience: TNB’s readers and subscribers are people who have real interest in business, investment and economy in Nigeria. They value the intelligence and integrity they find in TNB. They are therefore very receptive to information from TNB and are already in a frame of mind to consider business/consumer decisions at contact with adverts on TNB. It is also an excellent way to build brand awareness amongst business consumers and decision makers.


  • The website,, attracts over 38,000 hits per week.
  • Each visitor spends 7.8 minutes on average providing an exceptional opportunity to view your advert
  • TNB has a community of over 26,000 active business subscribers worldwide to its newsletter and is read by some of the major decision makers and business leaders with interest in Nigerian business or economy. A breakdown of TNB’s newsletter audience spread is illustrated by the Area/Population Chart below:

Brand Affiliation: TNB considers the development of its brand as a critical factor in its future success and therefore invests significantly in it. Advertisers will therefore derive real benefit by being perceived seriously as a business with global outlook.

Information correct as at 21st July, 2008

TNB.COM Advertising Tariff/Month


Home Page et al Naira ( ) Pounds (£)
 *Scroll Advert  12,500  50
[1st 20 words, £3 per word thereafter]
 Half Banner  37,500 150
 Full Banner 50,000 200
 Skyscrapers 62,500 250
 Format Box ads/MPUs 75,000 300
 Banner 25,000 100
 Skyscrapers 37,500 150
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